January 23, 2013 TOLS

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The basic formula for my True Will came to me one quiet morning years ago. It was just communicated into my head casually, yet shockingly, because after a few seconds I realised it touched every aspect of what I wanted to be and to do. And gradually I learned that it also applied to everything I couldn’t do.

Problems, issues, neuroses, whatever term we use – they’re linked intimately to TW because they represent its thwarting, obstruction or limitation in some form. It isn’t a problem to me that I don’t play the tuba or can’t dance very well, but it is a problem to me that I don’t manage some aspects of human relations as well as I want. The two first examples have no essential connection to my TW, while the human relationships aspect is critical. You can’t do the doing part of all this if sometimes you can’t connect with people appropriately.

The conscious parts of TW are only half of the picture. True Will is so fundamental, so all-embracing, that we are largely incapable of comprehending its totality. Further, it functions as the determining force in our lives behind the scenes, just as much as we might live by it in our outer lives. One analogy here might be the image of a vast upright spiral, which catches the light on one side, but has most of its coils in darkness. An Adept of deep attainment and self-realisation will be able to incorporate more of its spirallings into the field of conscious activity, and perhaps the Masters of the Temple have it all, or most of it.

But mostly, it is actively working in the background because the conscious mind, the outer self, is unprepared, or unwilling, or scared, or otherwise unable, to embrace and enact the TW. We might be very willing to express what we think is our TW (yet which could be anything but that); but in addition to the joy and the fulfilment of living it when we are in tune with ourselves, we equally experience prolonged periods of resistance or reluctance to commit to it. That’s where the problems/issues/neuroses come in – our personality structures won’t permit the expression of the TW, while this essential level of ourselves is relentlessly trying to live itself through the medium of our outer selves. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a relationship and seen it come apart in shreds, then most likely what you are personally felt it necessary to block what you are essentially, with the resulting collateral damage. The clues to TW’s nature will be in there, but need some cold honesty to ferret out.

The TW continues to operate all the time, on all levels, regardless of our conscious attitudes. But where our lifestyle, our personal restrictions, our anxieties, phobias and whatevers  don’t permit it the scope to operate, it can only nudge at the daylight world from what our outer selves perceive as ‘the inner darkness.’

Even when we start to appreciate what magick is, what illumination is and what the TW is, we are still a long, long way from finishing our course. True Will is going to continue seeking opportunities from what’s around us to stretch the boundaries. Its job is to take us to our own limits, and the limits beyond them, and still further. And how it does that, in my experience, almost always seems to be through creating an ordeal, or at least a bad day/week/year.

Eventually, there comes a growing sense of a synergy between the unknown and the known, and an increase in trust between the levels of our being. Acceptance of the absurd or of the things that appear to be roadblocks allows this living, vital wellspring to do what it needs to.

If you have been involved in a practice that at first yielded results, then seems to have either run dry or actively turned on you, do persist in your way regardless. Your intention, your commitment, to knowing all that you need to experience means the TW is most likely using the energy from your efforts, and working behind the scenes to engineer the next step. In time, you will see why that was necessary for you.

Love is the law, love under will,

Edward Mason

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  1. Alrah

    Sometimes the TW gets you involved with things that really don’t concern you. Altruism. Agape. Kairos. They just roll. So I don’t think it’s got a ‘looking after number 1’ agenda, even though everyone that’s looking for is is usually looking for it to look after number 1.

  2. TOLS

    Hi Alrah, 93,

    Thanks for the observations. My view is, if we see the True Will as the HGA’s alter-ego, or manifestation in the microcosm, or dynamic expression, or (choose your similar-sounding phrase here), then it is unrestricted. It is expressed via Hadit, and aims to follow the love of Nu in the starlit heaven. It is pushing us to attain Totality.

    However, ego-consciousness can’t do that. It has to stay focused on a limited number of factors. I can drive a car, think about whether there was supernal consciousness present when I was getting half-drunk on tequila yesterday afternoon, listen to music, and notice that my knee wants scratching. But that’s about it. If I tried to calculate how to plot all this on an enneagram or similarly complex diagram, and to memorise my conclusions, I would end up crashing the car and having a very direct and permanent encounter with supernal consciousness, at least till my next incarnation. My knee would also remain eternally unscratched.

    TW obeys the maxim, “But exceed! exceed! Strive ever to more! and if thou art truly mine — and doubt it not, an if thou art ever joyous! — death is the crown of all.” Agape, the universal attentiveness we call altruism, and your Kairos – it aims to embrace all of that. It wants the World, and it wants it now.

    Some years ago, there was a theory that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by the consciousness filters in the brain getting overloaded. I don’t know if it gained much traction in the medical community, but I think such a phenomenon is a factor in what we conventionally term ‘being crazy.’ True Will is pushing the entire Universe at us as our object, and the ego needs to struggle to maintain balance.

    93 93/93,

  3. george carvalho

    93 Thank you for this insightful article. I especially appreciate the analogy of the upright coil. Knowing one’s True Will is the beginning of the adventure not the end.

    93 93/93

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