March 31, 2014 TOLS


Aleister Crowley was fascinated by the Knowledge and Conversation of the HGA, and made two attempts at it. His first was abortive, as he wasn’t really ready for it, despite having optimal conditions at his home in Scotland. He was prompted to revive the effort a few years later, and being always a non-conformist, completed the critical phase of the operation while riding across southern China on horseback. It’s worth noting that he had a bad fall off his horse as a boy, and had a phobia around riding. So he was thousands of miles from home, among people whose language and culture he scarcely understood, in a situation – on a horse – that had a certain amount of threat in it. The Holy Guardian Angel had a point to make in allowing the connection to happen at that point. Having ideal conditions for magick isn’t always … ideal. Just in case you dream of having a private, 300-sq-ft temple someday. The magician who’s in tune with his deeper will uses Yetzirah and all its imagery as his primary tool, and is not too bothered by the physical conditions of his own Assiah.

The entry of the deep Atziluthic archetypes and energies of our lives into the Briatic world marks the commencement of the K&C. I say commencement, since the state expands exponentially for senior Adepts, over a period of years or decades.

Having stabilised in his own K&C, Aleister Crowley set himself a gigantic task. He liked to climb immense mountains, place his verse against that of the best poets of his day, or win chess games with visiting friends while having sex in the next room. He enjoyed high-stakes ventures, so he decided to re-educate the world.

His underlying assumption was that, with time, it wouldn’t just be a half-dozen keeners getting into this, but dozens. Then hundreds. And thousands. Not everybody, no, but a critical mass of people.

I’m going to suggest that this process, while still in its infancy, has moved to the grade-school stage for humanity; we’re no longer just a few babes lying in cribs. In a generation or so, we’ll have pushed humanity to the high-school stage of the evolution of this Aeon, and a generation or two more, the global equivalent of post-graduate studies.

“Let my servants be few & secret; they shall rule the many & the known,” saith the Book of the Law. It doesn’t require everybody to be into it, because some people are not yet at a stage where they can or want to move up out of mass-mindedness. A small proportion of people have to do the heavy lifting, and they will because it’s a cool thing to do, for its own sake. One does one’s own will, without foreground concern for the broader effects.

Skepticism cuts in, no doubt, at this point. You look at the loss or confusing of our individual freedom, the dumbing down that has come with a digital world, the environmental degradation and all of that.

Yes. It’s bad. We noted that previously. That isn’t the point.

If you have done any in-depth study of the spiritual information regularly (endlessly?) repeated on Facebook, then you’ve read that you cannot solve a problem on its own level. You have to move outside it. The judge must be impartial, the boss needs to have a broad vision of the company’s ultimate goals, the creative person has to trust in creative intuition, not his or her own intellect. And so on.

So … what’s the sales pitch here, you ask?

The primary aim of mystery schools in this Aeon, it’s been said, is to put themselves out of business. If you can still go online in a century (or whatever we do then to seek out info), you should find no serious ones in operation. They should probably be phasing themselves out of existence, because it will be far easier to move through the Yetziratic fog. Enough people will have made the transition to the threshold of B’riatic consciousness that it will be a lot less difficult than it is today. I’m jealous of a lot of younger aspirants, who have greater facility than I’ve ever had with certain mystical practices. There are more Asian teachers in western countries, and it’s easier to find fellow seekers who want to try different practices. In the late 60s and early 70s, there were a lot of talking shops and not many people who’d made a personal spiritual breakthrough, other than via chemical means.

If we made any contribution by at least opening up the conversation or dropping the acid, as I think we did, it’s paying off now. The downside is that those who started it don’t personally reap the benefits. Karmically speaking, in this game, we pay it forward. If your students don’t exceed your own attainment of understanding, then you’ve not done as well as you might have.

Human evolution, which goes far beyond survival, requires moving up and out in our perceptions. Which is why Thelema is optimistic. “Fear not at all,” says our Book; “fear neither men nor Fates, nor gods, nor anything. Money fear not, nor laughter of the folk folly, nor any other power in heaven or upon the earth or under the earth.”

Yes, these things are scary – to a being based in Yetzirah having to deal with the world of Assiah where all these things (gods excepted) hang out. But the gradual shift in our centre of gravity, our home base, from Yetzirah to B’riah, is happening, well out of sight of bloggers, TV news, the NSA or other familiar forms of scrutiny.

It won’t be fun as the bigger changes arise, and people of my age won’t see a lot of them come about. But, unpopular and counter-intuitive though the notion is, we are not in the death-throes of the human race as spiritual beings. Many things we will lose, but this entire planetary bio-enterprise has had a point, as a training ground, and we have a long, long way to go before we’re done.

Love is the law, love under will,

Edward Mason

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