The A.’.A.’. is the mother order of Thelema. Established in 1906 by Aleister Crowley and
 George Cecil Jones, its central aim is simply to lead each aspirant
 toward their own individual attainment, for the betterment of all
 humanity. The course of study includes a diversity of training
methods, such as Qabalah, Raja Yoga, ceremonial magick, and many other
traditions. A∴A∴ is not organised into outer social organisations,
fraternities or schools; rather, it is based on the time-tested power
of individual teacher-student relationships, under the guidance of the
masters of the Inner School.
The Temple of Our Lady of the Stars maintains close links to the
Temple of the Silver Star, which was authorised by
Soror Meral (Phyllis Seckler) to perpetuate her own life’s work in service to
 A∴A∴  Further, completion of the First Order curriculum of our Temple
 may be one potential means of preparing to become a Probationer and to
follow the path of A∴A∴.
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